Doctor of Physical Therapy (B.S./DPT): Combined Program

The Combined Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences/Doctor of Physical Therapy is a six- year program (3 + 3 model allowing for three years of pre-professional courses and a three-year professional phase). The program in physical therapy is a doctorate program providing entry-level professional education in physical therapy. The Physical Therapy program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy (CAPTE). This combined degree program is designed for high school seniors who wish to be admitted to the professional program in physical therapy following the completion of three years of undergraduate work.

Admissions requirements for high school students include:

  • High School GPA of 90
  • Combined SAT score in the verbal and math sections of 1100
  • A minimum of 100 hours of volunteer/paid experience under the direct supervision of a physical therapist. These hours must be complete at the time of application.

The combined BS.LS/DPT program does not accept transfer students into the undergraduate phase of the program. To successfully transition into the professional phase of the curriculum, preprofessional students will need to demonstrate:

  • A 3.2 overall cumulative grade point average
  • Received no science or math grade lower than B
  • Only one math or science course can be retaken one time to achieve the required grade
  • No grade of D or F in any course
  • 100 hours of volunteer/paid experience under the direct supervision of a physical therapist each year of their undergraduate studies. Documentation is to be submitted to the Department of Physical Therapy by May 20 of each year.
  • Received a recommendation from the NYIT Physical Therapy Admissions Committee.

The B.S. in Life Sciences degree will be conferred upon successful completion of the first professional year of the physical therapy doctoral degree program. See NYIT's Graduate Catalog for details of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Students must complete the undergraduate portion of the curriculum within 3.5 years.

If a student needs to take a leave from the undergraduate phase of the curriculum, extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Department and upon departmental approval, a student may be admitted into the professional phase when prerequisite coursework is completed. If the required prerequisite coursework cannot be completed in the 3.5 year timeframe, the student will need to change the major from B.S. in Life Sciences to an alternate major and apply for admission entry in the DPT program as a graduate student.

Students are advised that two semesters of organic chemistry with lab are required for admission to medical schools and most other professional and graduate programs in the health professions, behavioral and life sciences fields. In addition, employment in the life sciences usually requires knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry at a level greater than that offered by the single semester of bioorganic chemistry (CHEM 215). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students who do not complete the B.S./D.P.T in Physical Therapy take CHEM 210/250 and BIO 340.

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