A Dream Fulfilled

Speed skater Allison Baver (M.B.A. ’07) won the bronze medal on Feb. 24 at the Winter Olympics in the 3,000-meter women’s relay speed skating event. She also qualified for the individual 1,000- and 1,500-meter events. The Reading, Pa., native almost didn’t get the chance to compete in Vancouver after a potentially career-ending injury in early 2009. But, as she told readers in the Winter 2010 issue of NYIT Magazine, nothing was going to stand in her way of earning an Olympic medal.

“It’s unbelievable to think what you’ve worked for your entire life is right there in your hands,” she said after winning the medal. “I thought about my family and all they sacrificed, all the people who helped me, all the sponsors and people who donated to help me achieve my dreams. You remember the hard work and getting up early to work just that little bit harder than everybody else. There are so many emotions! It is the most amazing feeling in the world!”

On April 21, Allison joined U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Bart Stupak, as well as fellow athletes Apolo Anton Ohno, Shani Davis, and Allison Jones, to support the B.J. Stupak Scholarship, a federal program that provides financial assistance to Olympic athletes. The NYIT graduate has also signed sponsorship deals with Proctor & Gamble, Wilhelmina Models, and Penske Truck Rental.

To read more about Allison, check out the Winter 2010 and Spring 2009 issues of NYIT Magazine.

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