NY State Grant Supports Workforce Training

NYIT graduate Mary Distler (A. Cert. '09, front row, fourth from right), course director of the Women's Pathway Project, brings her class to national Grid's Northport, N.Y. power station.

A $33,000 grant from the New York State Department of Labor will enable NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, in cooperation with the university’s Office of Extended Education and the Long Island Forum for Technology, to retrain members of Long Island’s workforce by offering seminars and courses in sustainability, green careers, manufacturing, and engineering.

“By helping professionals with years of experience in their respective fields, we are helping them advance their know-ledge and careers by informing them about new practices and initiatives in energy and the environment as well as offering significant support in utilizing these practices,” says Stanley Greenwald, project director and chair of NYIT’s Department of Environmental Technology.

The grant supports three programs: the Women’s Pathway Project into Green Careers, which encourages women with technical, scientific, and financial backgrounds to move into green industries and careers; the Sustainable and Computer-Aided Manufacturing course, available to those who want to gain hands-on knowledge of manufacturing; and the Professional Engineering Review course, which helps engineers obtain licensure by preparing them for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.

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