Rik Cordero (B.F.A. ’02)

Current Position  
Music video, commercial, and feature film director for Los Angeles, Calif.-based Robot Films and for his own company, Three/21 Films, in New York City. “My responsibilities include writing treatments as well as guiding technicians and artists. In addition to my directing work, I also create strategic marketing plans for various brands, including viral videos and graphic design.”

The Right Direction  
Rik won the Best Film Award for his film, Inside a Change, at the 2009 HBO New York International Latino Film Festival. He was also nominated for Video Director of the Year at the 2009 BET Awards and selected to lead a global film campaign for Sprite soda called “The Spark.” He has worked with several major recording artists, including Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, The Roots, Q-Tip, Wu-Tang Clan, Consequence, and John Legend.

Best Part of My Day  
“Waking up to my daughter yelling ‘Papa!’ at the top of her lungs after she eats breakfast. I'm very fortunate to have a job that allows me to watch her grow.”

Secret to His Success  
“The biggest myth about directing is that you have to be some kind of loud and obnoxious dictator to do this kind of work. Directing is all about compromise and some of the most successful directors are laid back, sensitive souls.”

Music Video vs. Feature Film  
“Directing a music video is much like shooting a short film but more attention is paid to the marketing aspect and how the final product would appeal to fans of the music. When directing a feature film, I'm more emotionally invested because it’s a longer process. Plus, I’m taking the time to develop real characters on screen.”

The Place to Blossom  
“NYIT was the perfect fit and allowed me to harness my creative energy. I enjoyed the freedom and inspiration the professors gave me.”

Favorite Food  

Last Book Read  
Under The Dome by Stephen King

Focus on Family  
“I spend my free time watching movies, movies, and more movies with my beautiful wife and daughter, who are my inspiration. After we started a family, I learned to live for the moment and appreciate every opportunity that comes my way.”

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