Rick Carini (B.S. ‘78)

Current Position
Senior technologist at Razer, a manufacturer of high-end computer keyboards, mice, and other accessories for video game enthusiasts. “I look at technology from a gamer’s perspective to find the next killer peripherals that immerse people in the title itself.”

Graphics Guru
In 1997, Dell hired Rick as its graphics developer manager. “At first, there was no group, no process, and no real direction. I had one person who reported to me.” Over the next nine years, Rick built his group into a global unit with dozens of people responsible for anything and everything related to graphics or video on all Dell hardware, including all laptops and desktops. “When I look back today, it was a gigantic accomplishment, and it was fun watching us grow.”

Game On!
When Dell decided to get into the gaming business in 2006, Rick jumped at the chance. “I headed up a new group to examine gaming architecture and technology.” The team assisted in developing the Dell XPS line of PCs, which featured the latest processors and graphics cards to appeal to the gaming community. Rick later played a role in Dell’s integration of Alienware, a manufacturer of stylized, high-end gaming PCs.

Creative Consortium
Rick was one of the founding members of the PC Gaming Alliance, an industry-wide organization that promotes PC gaming and helps consumers troubleshoot technical problems while playing games on their computers. Members include top hardware and software companies such as Capcom, nVidia, Intel, Epic, AMD, and Microsoft.

Love At First Byte
As a high school student in the Bronx, N.Y., Rick was enthralled with anything having to do with electronics. “I had no idea where to go to college until I went to NYIT’s gorgeous Old Westbury campus. The classes and technology were right up my alley.”

Favorite NYIT Memory
“I had a blast with NYIT’s chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers club. The lounge was a fun place to go between classes and exchange ideas, create study groups, and hold meetings. There was a great sense of camaraderie.”

The Business of Fun
Though Rick loves his work, he acknowledges that it’s not all about playing games. “The video game industry is extremely complex, and there are huge corporations competing on a global scale. Lots of money is invested in this market.”

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