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Crystal Apple

Have you ever wanted to recognize someone special in the School of Management - someone that has provided you with:

  • Excellent teaching,
  • Great advisement,
  • Guidance,
  • Friendship, or
  • Mentorship that was pivotal towards your development or progress?

If so, the Crystal Apple program is the way to go, and the way to personalize that recognition. Send a Crystal Apple to that special person in the School of Management!

What Does the Crystal Apple Signify?

Any faculty member or staff member that receives a Crystal Apple from you - one of our valued alumni or students - will know that they have had made a significant and positive difference in your life. It is a way for you, our alumni and students, to simply say Thank you! and note that in a personalized message that will be inscribed in your Crystal Apple.

How Do I Participate and Order a Crystal Apple?

Your participation results in our sending a Crystal Apple - with your personalized inscription - to the faculty or staff member of your choice. Your inscription may include up to three lines of text, with up to 30 characters per line.

Ordering a Crystal Apple is simple.

  • Provide a check payable to the NYIT School of Management with your personalized message (see below). Two Crystal options are available - Clear ($75) or Ruby ($125).
  • Once your payment and message are received we will send you a confirmation;
  • Once the Crystal Apple arrives you will have the option of presenting the Crystal Apple to your recipient personally!

The Annual Golden Apple Recognition

Each year the Dean of the School of Management will recognize all faculty and staff that have received Crystal Apples at the School of Management Annual Honors Gala. Top performers, recognized by the number of Apples received, will be recipients of the annual Golden Apple Certificate.

The Alumni and Student Crystal Apple Family Tree

All alumni and current students that send a Crystal Apple become a member in the Crystal Apple Family Tree. Their names will be noted on a plaque located in the School of Management. As our tradition grows, so will the membership in the Crystal Apple Family Tree.

  • Become a member today!
  • Be a part of an emerging tradition!
  • Recognize someone who made a special contribution!
  • Order that special faculty member or staff member a Crystal Apple!

Submitting Orders

Your Crystal Apple payment and personalized message can be submitted by clicking here.

crystal apple orders

The Crystal Apple program is a shared initiative of the Center for Teaching and Learning and the School of Management.

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