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Undergraduate Practicum Eligibility Criteria

  1. Junior Standing
  2. Minumum GPA of 0

Graduate Practicum Eligibility Criteria

  1. Good academic standing.


  1. A company liaison and a corporate project is identified
  2. Students to participate in the project are identified and create a team of 3-4 students;
  3. The faculty advisor and the student team develop learning objectives;
  4. The student team meets with the faculty advisor and the company liaison to discuss the project;
  5. The student team meets with faculty advisor regularly (once a week) and company liaison periodically to provide project updates; the student team must maintain a log of the meetings with the company liaison;
  6. The student team submits a report on project outcomes and makes an oral presentation to a group chosen by the company liaison;
  7. Each student submits a two page reflection report on the impact of the experiential education on the learning goals.
  8. The faculty advisor assigns letter grade, with input from the company liaison.
  9. The faculty advisor submits the student logs, team report, PowerPoint slides, and reflection pieces to the department for the purpose of maintaining a file that will validate the assurance of learning.

Planning a Practicum Reflection Questions

BUSIE702 Practicum Master Syllabus

Faculty Questions for Exploring the Potential Role for Practicum


For additional information please contact:

 Dr. Amr Swid
Director of Experiential Education
Phone: 516.686.1077

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