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Jan 20 2015

NYIT Selected to Participate in Epicenter’s Pathways to Innovation Program

Jan 13 2015

NYIT Ranks Among 2015 U.S. News Best Online Programs

Dec 23 2014

Architecture and Medical Students Launch Global Competition for Healthy Designs

Dec 18 2014

BBC to Feature Home2(O) Project in News Segment

Dec 12 2014

NYIT Wins Grant to Develop STEM Programs

May 29 2015

NYIT-Vancouver Graduation Ceremony

May 29 2015

Dance dance dance for Nursing Home program

May 31 2015

NYIT Alumni Brunch in San Francisco

Jun 01 2015

Zeal NYC’s pre-release film screening of “The Testament of Youth”

Jun 02 2015

Transfer Enrollment Day


Students in the MBA program may choose to specify a concentration, which is a specific discipline of study pursued with rigor, including significant scale. The School of Management offers a number areas of concentration for students to consider, each with its own concentration-specific learning goals. These goals are in addition to the programmatic learning goals of the MBA program.

Students choosing a concentration must complete fifteen (15) credit hours of study in specified courses, provided below. These are taken in the place of electives, which are taken by students who do not choose to complete a concentration. Students may subsitute BUSIE700, Faculty-Led Study Abroad, for a concentration course (courses that may apply vary by concentration).

Not all concetrations are offered at each campus location. For more information students may contact their local campus advisor. Available concentrations are:

  • New York:  Decision Sciences/Operations, Finance, Marketing.
  • Abu Dhabi, China, and Vancouver: No concentrations offered.

Decision Sciences/Operations Concentration
Upon completion of the MBA with a concentration in Decision Sciences/Operations, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Analyze the current business environment in specific companies or industries to identify opportunities for implementing decision science tools for performance improvement;
  2. Formulate analytical models which utilize decision support tools to assist management in making effective decisions spanning different functional areas; and
  3. Evaluate alternatives, select the most effective solution and develop an implementation plan to meet the goals of the management. 

Students of this concentration study decision-making, and the design and integration of complex systems in an organization for the purpose of predicting system behavior and improving or optimizing system performance. Elements include managerial decision making techniques, mathematical and computer modeling, and the use of computer technology for informed and effective decision-making. Students pursuing the MBA Decision Science Concentration must complete five (15 credits) courses.

Finance Concentration
Upon completion of the MBA with a concentration in Finance, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Apply financial paradigms and concepts that are consistent with the Level I curriculum of the CFA Institute;
  2. Compile, analyze, and synthesize financial and other relevant data from multiple electronic sources; and
  3. Evaluate different investment strategies against the objectives of individuals and/or institutional investors.

Students of this concentration will be prepared to pursue a career in corporate finance, investment management, and as a CFA® (Certified Financial Analyst ®). Students interested in careers at financial intermediaries will find this concentration useful as well.  Aspects of this curriculum emphasize the usage of financial technology including various live data sources to train students in the areas of corporate decision making, portfolio management, and valuation of financial assets including derivatives. Students pursuing the MBA Finance concentration must complete both ACCT721 Advanced Financial Accounting and FINC765 Portfolio Management and exactly three (9 credits) courses chosen from a portfolio of available three (3) credit-hour courses.

Marketing Concentration
Upon completion of the MBA with a concentration in Marketing, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Generate relevant marketing data and transform these data into information essential for decision making in various functional areas of marketing management;
  2. Assemble a marketing plan for existing and new products and services, synchronizing marketing, operating and financial modeling; and
  3. Assess national and global trends in the cultural, social, demographic, legal-political, economic, technological and competitive environments prepare and evaluate (defend) alternative market-entry strategies and marketing programs.

Hospitality and Tourism Concentration  (Offered in Vancouver only)
Upon completion of the MBA with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Analyze business environments to resolve tourism management challenges;
  2. Synthesize data, enterprise information and alternative perspectives  to formulate responsible managerial decisions in the context of the global tourism industry; and
  3. Evaluate the viability of services and select an appropriate alternative that addresses the concerns and issues faced by leaders in the tourism industry.
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