College Administration
Following a leader

The school’s administrative team oversees program delivery and other functions necessary to effectively deliver the school’s activities.

Together the administration and professional staff of the school take a student-centric approach to its responsibilities, always with consideration to student needs and stakeholder values.

  • Jess Boronico, Dean
  • Diamando Afxentiou, Executive Associate Dean
  • Scott Liu, Executive Associate Dean: Global Programs
  • Jim Murdy, Associate Dean
  • Robert Koenig, Associate Dean and Executive Director: Student Advancement
  • Faisal Al-Khateeb, Associate Dean: Abu Dhabi
  • Keh Kwek, Assistant Dean: Nanjing
  • Petra Dilling, Associate Dean: Vancouver
  • Abram Poczter, Executive Director: Indirect Assessment
  • Raj Tibrewala, Executive Director: Assessment Analysis and Reporting
  • Benjamin Khoo, Chairperson: Department of Marketing Studies and Dir. of Technology Initiatives
  • Maya Kroumova, Chairperson: Department of Human Resource Management and Law
  • Rajen Tibrewala, Chairperson: Department of Management Sciences
  • Joo-Kwan Yun, Chairperson: Department of Accounting and Finance
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