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Student Showcase

Come join us for the School of Management Annual Student Showcase!

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The activity is designed to showcase the many varied and entrepreneurial activities that our School of Management students are engaged into. The school, in the spirit of embracing entrepreneurial thinking, has designed some very unique experiential education and student-centric activities that are differentiators towards the manner in which traditional learning in the classroom is supplemented by educational opportunities outside the classroom.

The showcase, which is free of charge and also features a variety of wonderful culinary delights, is designed for all our stakeholder groups, and is a wonderful opportunity for:

  1. Accepted students to meet current students and see that types of innovative and exciting activities and experiences they will share at NYIT if they enroll into our academic programs;
  2. Prospective students to see unique and creative things that they may want to do but are not available elsewhere, hence helping them to perhaps consider NYIT as their first-best choice for educational pursuit;
  3. Community residents to see the unique and wonderful activities that the school is pursuing in support of local enterprise and community; and
  4. Professionals, alumni and business leaders to see the comprehensive portfolio of educational opportunities that bridge the gap between theory and practice and better prepare NYIT School of Management graduates for workforce placement (and advancement) relative to many other institutes of higher learning.

This year we are featuring twenty five showcase tables , each led by our students, and focusing on one specific activity. For example, there will be tables for:

Students will be prepared to discuss the value that these unique and innovative experiences have towards their educational experiences and also how these opportunities have helped them to grow personally and professionally. Moreover, the event itself is coordianted and overseen by our student members of our Student Ambassdor Program.

Join us at the NYIT de Seversky Mansion for a fun night Not sure how to get there? Get directions here!

Students who actively engage in delivering the School of Management Student Showcase typically receive a Student Advancement point. Eligible students must document their engagement with a written testimonial from the presiding or senior School of Management officer or staff person overseeing the activity.

You may either just drop in to spend the evening, or you may kindly confirm your plan to attend by contacting Ms. Patthara Chandaragga at 212- 261-1764 or

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