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Current Students

Hello Students and Friends of the School of Management!!

We are happy to have you have chosen our school to further your education, or perhaps just to visit, and we are providing this page as a roadmap to help steer you where you might need to go. We care about our students and friends and want to be sure that we provide you with complete and helpful information on everything that you might be interested in!

Here are some common questions that many students ask. If you have other questions, you can get the answer by just Asking the Dean!

  • WHERE DO I GET ADVISING: First, all our students have an advisor - they are members of our professional staff. Look for the correct campus, and also for the program you are enrolled in, for contact information. You can also check here for your advisor!

  • WHAT COURSES MUST I TAKE IN MY ACADEMIC PROGRAM? If you would like to know what courses you need to take to graduate, just go the program page for the academic program that you are in. That would be the BSBA or BPS for if you are an undergraduate - just link right to the page for the area that you want to study, which includes accounting, finance, hospitality management, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, small business/entrepreneurship. For graduate students you can check for the MBA or the MS program pages for our curriculum, or perhaps the EMBA page for our executives. Want to be a CPA?? Your curriculum is here, and for our graduate students that are interested in the CFA track, those special course requirements are here.

  • WHERE ARE THE TRADING FLOOR AND SMALL BUSINESS INCUBATOR You can find out more about these special facilities by clicking here.

  • CAN I TRAVEL TO AND STUDY IN OTHER COUNTRIES? In addition to studying at the many global NYIT campus locations, you can choose to go on the International Workshop, or perhaps a Faculty-Led trip to Germany, or even travel the world as a part of our Study Abroad or Intern Abroad programs.

  • WHAT IS PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT? You might have heard that you are required to attend four seminars, from our regular speaker series, per year, in this program, if you are undergraduate student. That is correct. Read about it here and check the latest schedule of seminars here. MBA students fulfill this requirement when they register for the course BUSI610.

  • WHAT IS EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION? This is taking what you learn in class and applying it outside the classroom to a real world setting. Everyone in the BSBA undergraduate program needs to complete at least one of these experimenters. Your choices are all shown here. Graduate students may also participate in some advanced activities.

  • What is the STUDENT ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM? This program engages our students into meaningful personal development initiatives, including community service. All our BSBA undergraduate students must engage into at least one activity in this program per semester. There are activities that are available for student of all programs, as well. Read about your choices here.

Other Questions????? Just Ask the Dean!

Some additional resources that add to the information above are provided below:

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