News and Events

Oct 10 2014

TEDx Explores Harmonic Tectonics

Oct 03 2014

NYIT Students Surpass the $1 Million Mark in Combined Earnings from Internships

Sep 24 2014

TEDxNYIT: Creating Harmony in a World Experiencing Tectonic Shifts

Sep 19 2014

Dynamic, Radical Solutions Needed: 2014 Cybersecurity Conference Highlights

Sep 19 2014

NYIT Engineering Professor Wins NIH Grant for Robotics Research

Oct 22 2014

“The Year of Turkey 2014” - The Heritage of Turkish Art: Opening Reception

Oct 23 2014

“The Year of Turkey 2014” - The Heritage of Turkish Art: Exhibition

Oct 23 2014

Relay for Life Interest Meeting

Oct 23 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies Career Panel

Oct 23 2014

Prep session for upcoming Hackaton by Juniper Networks/Comcast SDN Software Workshop and Competition

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Interviews with Bold Visionaries

Looking for some advice on how to build a startup or network with business leaders? No problem! Browse through our library of shows (audio and/or video) and simply click "play" to listen. If you would like to download the show, simply click on the iTunes logo which will take you to the iTunes store where you can download the podcasts right to your mp3 player. We hope you enjoy and find the show educational as well as fun!

Our Shows

Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief, Forbes Magazine and CEO, Forbes Inc.

Steve Forbes Steve Forbes is the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine and CEO of Forbes, Inc. Having started a company, as a young entrepreneur at Princeton, Forbes learned what it takes to build a successful venture right from the start. During our interview, we discuss topics that range from politics to young entrepreneurship to pieces of advice for young college students entering the work force. Click play to hear the interview!

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Bonnie Halper, Founder, and

Bonnie Halper Want some career advice? You got it! Bonnie Halper is the founder of and Passionate about startups and entrepreneurs, Halper explains what it takes to be a successful individual in our fast paced world of technology etc. In addition to talking about how she got started, Halper also gives some great tips for students looking to network with business professioals within their field of interest. How do you get a conversaton started? Click below to hear the interview!

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Peter Shankman, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur and Author

Peter Shankman Angel Investor, Author and Entrepreneur, Peter Shankman has taken the world by storm with his humor and industry knowledge. On the show, Shankman talks about why he finally decided to sell his company, HARO, and what it means to be an investor in other companies today. Not only does he talk about his story but also provides great inspirational tips and advice for students and young entrepreneurs. So, listen to our interview with Shankman by clicking below!

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Boaz Rahav, Founder and CEO, GreenCrest Capital

Boaz Rahav Boaz Rahav came to the US to earn his MBA at NYIT's School of Management several years ago. Today, he serves on the Dean's Avisory Board as an executive director where he provides expert advice on the financial industry etc. On the show, Rahav not only goes into dept about how the financial industry has changed since founding his company, GreenCrest Capital, but also how technology is accelerating the pace of innovation. From regulations to finding great talent, Rahav provides not only great insight but also tips for students looking to get into the business world. Click below to hear our interview with Rahav!
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James "Jim" Dolan, Founder and CEO, The Dolan Company

James Jim Dolan Jim Dolan learned what it took to build a successful startup after learning from his many past failures in business. His persistence to keep going, his drive and enthusiasm for starting new projects helped him succeed with many of his business endeavors. In our interview with Dolan, we ask him which trends and industries are seeing the most growth and how students can take advantage of that. For tips and advice in business, listen to our interview by clicking below!
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