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Academic Advisement and Registration for Fall 2014

- Academic advisement & registration
- Search for classes
- Financial aid & registration (PDF)

- Final exam schedules Fall 2014
- The add/drop period for Fall 2014 ends Sept. 16. The withdrawal period for Fall 2014 starts Sept. 17. The W or WF grade can be assigned beginning Oct. 29. 
- Apply for Fall 2014 graduation by Sept. 26, 2014. Students must apply online at NYITConnect.
- No day classes scheduled on Columbus Day, Oct. 13. Evening classes meet.  Administrative offices closed.
- Incomplete grades earned for Cycle D 2014 expire Oct. 23. Incomplete grades earned for Spring or Summer 2014 expire Dec. 20. Submit your missing coursework to the instructor before these deadlines to avoid changing an I to IF

- Catalogs 2014-2015
- Course descriptions

Current Students - How to Register

Steps for Advisement and Registration

Current Students Students who were in attendance during Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 semesters, please follow these instructions (other students please follow instructions for New Students or Former Students):

  1. Know your Holds: You will be prevented from registering if you have holds or have not submitted all of your admissions and financial aid documents to the college. You can check your holds by visiting NYITConnect. Please resolve all outstanding holds before attempting to register.
  2. Print your Program Evaluation: Log in to NYITConnect and access the Program Evaluation application.
  3. Print a Registration Form (PDF). 
  4. Print your Semester Map: Semester Maps are an example of the semester-by-semester sequence of courses a student in the selected major might take in order to complete all the required credits.
  5. Meet with a Peer Advisor to prepare for advisement. Peer Advisors hold regular office hours in the Old Westbury (PDF) and Manhattan (PDF) campuses. They are available to help you review your curriculum requirements, choose possible course options, and prepare important questions for your academic advisor, which will be recorded on an Advisement Preparation Form. Peer Advisors can also assist you with registration process, showing you how to select courses and register online. 
  6. Meet with your Academic Advisor to have your course selections approved. View the advisor schedules to find out their office hours. It is a good idea to bring a copy of your program evaluation and registration form when you meet with your advisor. Your advisor will approve your courses by signing the registration form and opening your online registration record. Your online registration record must be opened or you will not be able to register online. If you have any questions or concerns about advisement, visit the Advising and Enrichment Center.  
  7. Prepare your Schedule Online: Search for Classes is an up-to-the-minute resource that lists all available classes and the total remaining seats in each course section. The Schedule Planner (formerly called Class Scheduler) is an online automated class scheduling tool on NYITConnect. It matches your course information and scheduling preferences to arrange potential class schedules. If you have any questions, be sure to see a Peer Advisor on your campus.
  8. Register for Classes: Log in to NYITConnect and select Enroll under the Academics section. If you have any questions, be sure to see a Peer Advisor on your campus. If you are unable to register online, bring your signed registration form to the Student Solutions Center.     

Important Registration Information

  • Session Dates:
    Summer 2014
    Summer I    05/21/14 - 07/01/14
    Summer II   07/07/14 - 08/15/14
    Summer III  05/21/14 - 08/29/14

    Fall 2014
    Cycle A         09/03/14 - 10/23/14
    Cycle B        10/27/14 - 12/18/14
    Semester    09/03/14 - 12/20/14
  • Students attending Old Westbury, Manhattan, or online campuses can register online at NYITConnect. During the priority online registration period, students may register on their appointed dates only. During the open registration period, appointments are not required and students may register online 24/7, or on campus. If you plan to register on campus, please view our office hours (PDF).

    Academic advisement: Starts Mar. 24, 2014
    Open enrollment for Summer 2014: Starts Mar. 31, 2014
    Priority online enrollment for Fall 2014: Apr. 14  - 25, 2014
    Open enrollment for Fall 2014: Starts Apr. 26, 2014

    It is important that students only register for courses required in their academic program and approved by an academic advisor. Students who plan to receive financial aid or loans must consider the federal and state regulations applied to courses. Read more about financial aid rules and registration (PDF).
  • Financial Aid: You are strongly encouraged to complete a financial aid application for 2014-2015 aid year as soon as possible. You must apply online at if you are interested in obtaining financial aid. Please log in to myNYIT Portal  and visit NYITConnect to access your financial aid. For more information read financial aid disclosures (PDF) or contact the Financial Aid Office at 516.686.7680, 212.261.1590, or visit Financial Aid online

  • Payment Options: Tuition for Summer 2014 classes is due on May 1, 2014. You may pay your Fall 2014 tuition at the point of registration or enroll in the Fall 2014 term tuition payment plan. Your first payment must be made to Higher One for your plan to be considered active. All Fall 2014 tuition and fees must be paid in full by August 1, 2014. For Fall 2014 registrations that occur on or after August 1, 2014, you will be required to pay 100% of your tuition and fees not covered by approved financial aid or the tuition payment plan. Students are encouraged to register prior to the first day of term to avoid a late registration fee.

    Payments can be made online via NYITConnect. Select Account Inquiry under the Finances section to make a payment. NYIT accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please contact the Office of the Bursar at 516.686.7510 or via email at
  • Housing: Housing is available for students for the 2014-2015 academic year. For more information and to complete a housing application, visit Housing & Residential Life.
  • Official Registration: Official registration in a course section is required in order to earn a grade for a class. Registration must be completed by the end of the change of program period (see Academic Calendar). Therefore, students who have not officially registered for a course section will not receive a grade retroactively. Students are not officially registered until all tuition and fees are satisfied. Attendance is not permitted in any class without official registration for that class.