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Academic Advisement and Registration for Fall 2014

- Academic advisement & registration
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- Financial aid & registration (PDF)

- Final exam schedules Fall 2014
- The add/drop period for Fall 2014 ends Sept. 16. The withdrawal period for Fall 2014 starts Sept. 17. The W or WF grade can be assigned beginning Oct. 29. 
- Apply for Fall 2014 graduation by Sept. 26, 2014. Students must apply online at NYITConnect.
- No day classes scheduled on Columbus Day, Oct. 13. Evening classes meet.  Administrative offices closed.
- Incomplete grades earned for Cycle D 2014 expire Oct. 23. Incomplete grades earned for Spring or Summer 2014 expire Dec. 20. Submit your missing coursework to the instructor before these deadlines to avoid changing an I to IF

- Catalogs 2014-2015
- Course descriptions

How to Register

Register for Summer and Fall 2014

Academic advisement: Ongoing
Open enrollment for Summer 2014: Starts Mar. 31, 2014
Priority online enrollment for Fall 2014: Apr. 14  - 25, 2014
Open enrollment for Fall 2014: Starts Apr. 26, 2014

Important Information:

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New students

New Undergraduate Students - First-Year

Transfer students

New Transfer Students

international students

New International Students

Current Students

Current Students

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Former Students

graduate students

New Graduate Students

NYIT makes every effort to provide registration information prior to the beginning of each registration period, but students are responsible for completing registration procedures themselves. Students must register on the dates indicated on the Academic Calendar. Early registration assures the best choice of schedule and eliminates early cancellation of under-enrolled sections. A course may be cancelled by NYIT for any reason.

Official registration is required to attend and earn a grade for a class. Registration must be completed by the end of the add/drop period as indicated on the Academic Calendar. Students who have not officially registered for a course section will not receive a grade retroactively. Students are not officially registered until all tuition and fees are satisfied.

New students are notified, as part of their acceptance package, when to register for classes, generally prior to the beginning of the semester.

Current students follow established registration guidelines and register online through NYITConnect. During the priority online registration period, students may register at their appointed dates only. During the open registration period, appointments are not required and students may register online 24/7 or on campus during normal business hours. Read registration instructions (PDF).

Academic advisement is required before registering. If you do not have an advisor, it’s easy to get one by visiting the Advising and Enrichment Center. Access the NYIT directory of the academic advisors to contact your advisor. Print the registration form (PDF) when you meet with your advisor.