Application Process, Selection Criteria and Graduation Requirememnts

The Accelerated D.O./Family Medicine Residency Continuum is an opportunity designed for the most hard working and committed medical students. Candidates apply to the program during their first year as a College of Osteopathic Medicine medical student.

Application Process

First year medical students who are interested are asked to complete an application with a personal statement in January. Following review of the application, candidates complete the Medical Specialty Preference Inventory Self Assessment. Interviews are conducted with medical faculty and faculty of the involved residency programs.

Selection Criteria

To be accepted, they must have completed their traditional first year of medical school in the top half of their class and also meet challenging standards in their Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and undergraduate science courses GPA. Candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered for the program:

  • Class ranking of top 50%
  • ≥ 3.5 undergraduate Science GPA
  • MCAT score ≥ 27

Graduation Requirements

Candidates must complete all coursework and rotations prior to graduation.  In addition, candidates must have a signed contract to continue their education with the Family Medicine residency at the completion site of their 3rd year clerkships.

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