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Oct 23 2012

NYCOMEC OMM Faculty Development Program

On Tuesday, October 2, NYCOMEC held an evening OMM Faculty Development program- “Forward to Basics: A Practical Hands-On Workshop – Fine Tuning Your Palpatory Diagnostic & Therapeutic OMM Skills.”  A buffet dinner was available prior to the workshop. The hands on program was presented by the faculty members of the NYCOM OMM Department with the assistance of the College of Osteopathic Medicine Academic Medicine Scholars. Faculty from Long Beach Medical Center, College of Osteopathic Medicine , Nassau University Medical Center and Plainview Hospital participated in the workshop to enhance their OMM skills. The program, which was held in the Serota Building OMM lab, was unique in that each participating physician was paired with an OMM faculty member and a scholar. The scholar served as the “patient” while the OMM faculty demonstrated various techniques.   Because of the one on one attention that the participants received, they were able to concentrate on their specific interests. Each group concentrated on a different topic and went on their own pace, ensuring that sufficient time was given to cover a topic/problem. By using the small group format, a significant amount of information was taught in a shorter period of time. The program was well received.

 It is with great appreciation that NYCOMEC thanks Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O., Chairman, NYCOM, Department of OMM, the NYCOM OMM Faculty- Reem Abu-Sbaih, D.O., Elizabeth Caron,, D.O., Theodore Flaum, D.O., Patricia Kooyman, D.O., To-Shan Li, D,O., Michael Terzella, D.O., Sheldon Yao, D.O. and the following the College of Osteopathic Medicine Academic Medicine Scholars - Jasmine Beria, John Flaherty, Emily Forbes, Danielle Janosevic, Daniel Kapner, Christina Mezzone, Diana Teplitsky and Edlira Yzeiraj for taking the time out to teach the program.  
NYCOMEC looks forward to working with both the OMM Department Faculty and Academic Medicine Scholars with future NYCOMEC programs.

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