Through The Lens Initiative (TTLI)

An innovative photographic initiative

The NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine community is exceptionally talented and innovative. Our initiative draws on this talent base—to create a photographic gallery, uniquely identified as us!

The NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine's Through the Lens Initiative (TTLI) strives to visualize, memorialize, empower, and invite community members to document creatively what is around us. We are looking for any type of original photography that creatively connects with the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine. From macro to micro and anything in-between, in any color scheme, black and white, or inclusive of the brightest colors.

Our segments target a specific theme/concept that relates to the College motto or vision.

2016/2017 NEW! Double Themed Segments: Participants can submit photos for either theme.

  1. Mentoring Moments and/or Reaching Beyond Boundaries: Opened to receive photo submissions October 1 – November 15, 2016
  2. Expect the Extraordinary and/or Your Dreams Form Your Reality
  3. Opened theme Send Us What You See! Participants are encouraged to send in their favorite photos for consideration. These photos do not have to be related to a specific segment theme.

Submission Guidelines

  • Minimum Photo Requirements: Photo should be uncompressed, 150 DPI Resolution, and a minimum of 1400 x 2000 Pixels. High Quality JPEG or TIF, PNG, or Acrobat PDF files are acceptable. NO GIF, PSD, or AI files can be submitted.
  • Required Release Forms: To be considered, each photo submission requires a signed release form from the photographer, and also from any individual(s) pictured in the photo. Please note, a physical signature is required on all release forms (digital signatures are not acceptable). Completed release forms can be scanned, or photographed, and emailed with your photography.
  • Use your LAST NAME as the computer file name: For example John Doe sends a photo. His file names would be Doe.jpg and DoeRelease.pdf.
  • Sending Photos: Send all inquiries, correspondence, photo submissions, and required release forms via email to
  • Include a brief description: (1 or 2 sentences) of how your photo relates to the college or segment theme. If you have named/titled your photo, please provide this information.

Download Required Forms (pdf):

View our Previous Initiative Winners


Judging Panel:

A panel of judges comprised of NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine students, faculty, and administrators, will review and chose the top photo submissions.

Judging Criteria:

  • Photos will be judged on criteria including: creativity, subject matter, relationship to the college and the specific segment theme, overall impact, and visual appeal.
  • When submitting a photo: please include the title of your photograph (if applicable) and a brief statement (1 or 2 sentences) describing how the photo relates to the College and the segment theme.
  • Photos of artwork other than that of the actual photographer will not be accepted for consideration.
  • To encourage creativity, the judging panel may choose to consider a photo that is not directly related to the College of Osteopathic Medicine, but is still related to the concept/theme.
  • If a photo submission was not previously chosen as a winning photo, and is deemed appropriate for a future theme, at the discretion of the committee co-chairs, the photo may be entered for consideration in future segments of Through the Lens.

Photo Awards:

Monetary awards will be issued to: first place ($75.00), second place ($50.00), and third place ($25.00) photo submissions, along with additional surprise items.

The winning photographs will be prominently displayed in our campus buildings. Displayed photos will be changed as each new segment opens.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to receiving your photo submissions.