Achievers into Medicine (AIM)

The goal of the AIM program is to increase the number of economically and/or educationally disadvantaged undergraduate science and pre-medicine majors graduating on time and entering medical school.

Participating students have the opportunity to join a group of proactive undergraduate students to achieve their dreams of a career in the medical profession.


Once an undergraduate student commits to participate in the program, they will be provided with guidance, support and services to help them reach their goals.

Science tutorials: AIM participants have the opportunity to be tutored by NYIT students in all areas of science to foster greater understanding of their undergraduate course work, and better prepare them for the rigors of medical school.

Mentoring: First and second year NYIT medical students meet with the AIM students to share experiences and techniques that worked effectively for them as they approach the medical school application process.

Academic Advisement: The HCOP team includes a learning specialist who meets with the AIM students on a regular basis to check on their progress in course work, recommend science tutorials, etc. to help them achieve their goals.

Provide standardized test preparation and practice for the MCAT to students.

AIM Recruitment

NYIT will reach out to economically and/or educationally disadvantaged students at the undergraduate level through the AIM Program. This will promote an increase in the cultural diversity among physicians working to eliminate our country’s health disparities.

Recruitment activities: meetings with NYIT students and college visits in the New York area.

Distribution of information across a broader spectrum which will contribute to a diverse and highly qualified applicant pool.

*In addition, all individuals committed to the AIM program will receive support services through the HCOP grant to help them gain entry to the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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