CME: Clinical Application of OMM- An Evidence-Based Approach

On October 25, 2013, the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine’s OMM department, in conjunction with the NYIT Alumni Association, held a successful continuing education workshop entitled “Clinical Application of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine – An Evidence-Based Approach”. This program had 25 participants ranging from residents to attendings. The OMM department presented common patient presentations and discussed integration of osteopathic principles and practice. Recent advances in osteopathic research were discussed with each topic. Participants were then provided with hands-on instruction and learned to utilize osteopathic manipulative treatment for their patients. Dr. To Shan Li and Dr. Michael Terzella presented the latest research and approaches to sinusitis and pneumonia. Dr. Patrica Kooyman presented an approach to low back pain. Drs. Sheldon Yao and Reem Abu-Sbaih collaborated to presented the latest research on OMM and the obstetrical patient. Dr. Theodore Flaum presented an approach to carpal tunnel syndrome and Dr. Jayme Mancini’s presentation was on vertigo and dizziness. Participants provided positive feedback on the event and stated that the program helped them to improve their understanding of OMM and will increase their application of osteopathic techniques with their patients.

Dr. Thomas Chan, NYIT faculty, commented that “the techniques shown were very useful, straightforward, and clinically relevant for any practicing physician. The techniques were presented clearly and there was plenty of helpful staff to answer questions.”

The OMM department, with the assistance of the Academic Technology Group, also piloted their OMM Clinical Applications webpage that provided participants with on-line videos and access to written descriptions of the topics covered. The web site can be viewed here: The OMM department continues to strive to provide the most updated resources and quality workshops for students and physicians. 

Special thanks to the OMM department faculty and table trainers that contributed to help make the event successful: Reem Abu-Sbaih, D.O. Theodore Flaum, D.O. Patricia Kooyman, D.O. To-Shan Li, D.O. Michael Terzella, D.O. Course table trainers: Academic Scholars 2013 OMS III: Bianca Lee, Joceyln Young, Melissa Meghpara

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