Resources, Facilities and Equipment


Statistics Support
Contact Person:    Min-Kyung Jung, Ph.D.
Location:        Rockefeller, Room 314E
Phone Number:    (516) 686-1102

Animal Facility

Contact Person:    Jeanne Quidore-Jermann
Location:    Riland, basement
Phone Number:    (516) 686-7506

The College of Osteopathic Medicine Animal Facility provides housing for fish (zebrafish) and small mammals (mice and rats) on a fee-for service basis. The facility also provides common use rooms outfitted for: a) small mammal surgical procedures; and b) microdissection procedures and organ/tissue culture.

Imaging Facilities and Equipment

•Upright, bright field microscopes and inverted, phase contrast microscopes for imaging of cells and tissues; some equipped with digital cameras
•Upright and inverted microscopes equipped for epifluorescence; some equipped with digital cameras
•Kodak 4000MM Pro Imaging System (Rockefeller, Room 215F)
•Leica SP5 confocal microscope for 3D reconstruction of signals obtained from cells and tissue samples (Riland, Room B25)

Molecular Biology Facilities and Equipment

•PCR and qPCR machines for detection and quantitation of gene expression (PCR – Rockefeller Rooms 211 and 215B, Riland Rooms 022 and 024; qPCR – Riland,  Rooms 022 and 024)
•Eppendorf Silverquant system for small scale microarray screening studies (Riland, Room 024)
•NanoDrop spectrophotometer for quantitation of nucleic acid concentration (Riland, Room 031)
•Microarray scanner (NYCOM II, Room 030)

Biomechanics Laboratory (Rockefeller, 1st Floor)

•Viacon MX system coupled with the Peak Performance digital imaging system – biomechanics motion capture system for assessment of subject stability and gait parameters
•Neurocom SMART Balance Master system – assessment of subject balance capabilities

Other Common Equipment

•Sorvall RC6 Plus centrifuge with rotors – Rockefeller, Room 210
•Biotek Synergy HT spectrophotometer/fluorometer plate reader – Rockefeller, Room 215B