Comparative Ecomorphology and Evolutionary Paleoecology

Studies convergent evolution and how environmental change influences the evolution of recurring anatomical systems. Current projects include investigations into the evolution and functional morphology of limbs and joints. Also looks at dental wear to understand the role of dietary change in the evolution of mammalian dentitions.

Primary investigator: Matthew Mihlbachler, Ph.D.


Evolution of Ruminants

Studies the evolution of the diet and anatomy of ruminants. Projects include the evolution of the giraffe neck; the evolution of the skull; and methods of dietary interpretations.

Principal Investigator: Nikos Solounias, Ph.D.


The Evolution of Human and Primate Locomotion

Studies how biomechanical differences between human and primate locomotion are related to differences in muscle and bone morphology. The goal is to be able to identify those bony features which can be used to infer locomotion in fossil primates, including our early human ancestors.

Principal Investigator: Nathan E. Thompson, Ph.D.