Residency Program FAQs

Is there a salary for the resident?

The NYIT Residency Program in Orthopedic Physical Therapy guarantees residents a minimum 75% of an average entry-level salary. This is competitive among accredited Residency Programs nationwide, as most offer less than 60%. Residents are provided health care benefits, butare responsible for supporting their own HPSO liability insurance.

What are tuition costs?

The tuition for NYIT's Residency Program is $10,000. The tuition is used to fund the didactic and clinical instruction. Neither NYIT nor the approved clinical sites charge any additional tuition to the resident.

Is a license required?​

Though the Residency Program does not require a license at the time of the application, residents are required to take and pass the National Board Certification Exam prior to initiating their clinical hours in July.​

How many residents are accepted each year?​

There is currently only one resident position open in 2013. Since this is our first year, additional clinical sites are not available at this time. We anticipate adding additional sites in order to accommodate 2-3 resident positions each year.​

What are the clinical sites?​

At this time there is only one approved clinical site. One Physical Therapy is an outpatient practice specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation. Its emphasis on one-on-one care and hands-on therapy makes it an excellent learning environment.

Does the residency program prepare me for the OCS exam?​

The curriculum of the program envelops all of the content areas of the OCS exam. The residency is pending accreditation by the APTA at this time, and residency graduates will not be eligible to sit for the OCS exam. Once accreditation has been achieved, which we anticipate by 2014, then all resident graduates, including past graduates, will be eligible for the OCS examination.

Is there financial aid available?​

Since residents are not officially enrolled at NYIT, financial aid services are unavailable. The tuition can, however, be paid in up to six installments.