Institutional Assessment

NYIT's institutional assessment practices are designed to meet the relevant standard set by its regional accrediting agency, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education:

“The institution has developed and implemented an assessment process that evaluates its overall effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals and its compliance with accreditation standards.”

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is charged with the collection, analysis, and dissemination of institutional data and information to support institutional planning, monitoring, and decision-making as well as the assessment activities of other units.

Its mission is to:

  • Foster community-wide development of useful and actionable information
  • Ensure the integrity and accuracy of data, with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) as the data systems expert
  • Prepare and submit required external reports
  • Prepare and submit internal analyses and reports in support of institutional planning and decision-making
  • Conduct surveys of stakeholder groups and make findings available to support continuous improvement
  • Assist faculty and support services departments in their ongoing efforts to improve learning outcomes including help with research design, data analysis, and survey construction and administration

The NYIT Institutional Assessment Plan consolidates information about all the university's assessment initiatives into one comprehensive document. Fact Sheets are available that provide selected data for semesters, academic years and by location.

Period Location File (opens a .pdf file)
Fall 2016 New York Fall 2016 NY Fact Sheet
Fall 2016 Global Fall 2016 Global Fact Sheet
AY 2015-16 New York AY 2015-16 NY Fact Sheet
AY 2015-16 Global AY 2015-16 Global Fact Sheet
Fall 2015 New York Fall 2015 NY Fact Sheet
Fall 2015 Global Fall 2015 Global Fact Sheet
AY 2014-15 New York AY 2014-15 NY Fact Sheet
AY 2014-15 Global AY 2014-2015 Global Fact Sheet
Fall 2014 New York Fall 2014 NY Fact Sheet
Fall 2014 Global Fall 2014 Global Fact Sheet
AY 2013-14 New York AY 2013-14 NY Fact Sheet
AY 2013-14 Global AY 2013-14 Global Fact Sheet
Fall 2013 New York Fall 2013 NY Fact Sheet
Fall 2013 Global Fall 2013 Global Fact Sheet
AY 2012-13 New York AY 2012-13 NY Fact Sheet
AY 2012-13 Global AY 2012-13 Global Fact Sheet
Fall 2012 New York Fall 2012 NY Fact Sheet
Fall 2012 Global Fall 2012 Global Fact Sheet
AY 2011-12 New York AY 2011-12 NY Fact Sheet
AY 2011-12 Global AY 2011-12 Global Fact Sheet

To request assistance from the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment in obtaining information for planning and/or assessment please use our Data Request Form. Additional links related to institutional research and higher education: