Online Course Evaluation

Spring 2013 New York Online Course Evaluation Schedule

Please note these dates cover most Spring 13 courses and are subject to change.  They are current as of 4/10/13.

Date Event
4/1/2013 Email invitations go out to students' NYIT email account, for early ending courses
4/23/2013 Email invitations go out to students' NYIT email account, for all courses
5/3/2013 Send email notifying faculty with low response rates
5/7/2013 Email reminder sent to all students
5/19/2013 The Spring 2013 data file is closed and processing begins
6/3/2013 Target date for returning reports to faculty




Course Evaluation Process and Report - In Detail


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Students don't check their email, can the links be sent to Facebook/Twitter/Blackboard/etc?

Unfortunately no. At this time the link can only be sent to the student's NYIT email account. Please encourage students to access their NYIT email account. If they cannot find the link they can have another email sent to their NYIT email account by going to and entering their NYIT email address. This will generate another email to their NYIT email account.

2) Students don't know how to get into their NYIT email account.

Students having trouble accessing their NYIT email account should contact the NYIT Student Solutions Center at The SSC will be alerted to expect a spike in students trying to access their email when the main bulk of the evaluation emails are sent in April.

3) I'm concerned about a low response rate.

It is a valid concern. A couple of suggestions are made in the documentation in the Word document here, including offering students a few points on an exam as an incentive for completing the evaluation (which research has shown will improve response rate). If you would rather not offer points on an exam please feel free to use what you think will work and aligns with what you are comfortable with. For faculty choosing to avail themselves of this option, the flow is set up to allow students to easily print evaluation receipts as proof of completion. For ease of identification ask students to write their name and/or student ID on the receipt.

4) Can I have a paper based survey?

No. In the service of more rapid reporting of results, efficiency, and sustainability, the administration process is now online only. Reports of results to faculty, which used to take months, will be available within 2 weeks of the end of the semester. The hundreds of person-hours of effort by nearly 40 administrative assistants in dozens of departments that used to be devoted to distributing and collecting forms for 2,500 section will now be put to other uses. The more than half-ton of paper which, if laid end-to-end, would stretch from Old Westbury to Manhattan will be saved.


Questions? Contact

If you have any other general questions please contact Michael Lane at