Steering Committee

NYIT PRR Steering Committee:

Daniel Quigley (co-chair), Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor, English; President, NYIT Academic Senate
Harriet Arnone (co-chair), Vice President, Planning & Assessment
Brian Beatty, Assistant Professor, Anatomy; President, College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Academic Senate
Francine Glazer, Assistant Provost and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Cheryl Hall, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Tobias Holler, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Dina Karafantis, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science
Michael Lane, Associate Director, Institutional Research & Assessment
Sarah McPherson, Chairperson, Associate Professor, Instructional Technology and School Leadership
James Murdy, Associate Professor, Management
Alexander Ott, Associate Dean, Academic Support & Enrollment Services
Michael Uttendorfer, Associate Professor, Education
Yoshi Saito, Chair, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dawn Tennenbaum, Director, Financial Planning & Systems

Steering Committee's Responsibility:

  1. Identify the major developments, changes or challenges since 2008
  2. Present information about NYIT's response to recommendations resulting from the previous evaluation(s)
  3. Collect evidence and present conclusions with respect to Middle States standards through participation in one or more of 6 working groups listed below
  4. Review and comment on draft chapters and the report as a whole prior to its submission to NYIT's senate, administration and Board of Trustees
Working groups:
  1. Institutional Resources (Standard 3)
  2. Institutional Assessment (Standard 7)
  3. Student Learning Outcome Assessment (Standard 14)
  4. Planning and Resource Allocation (Standard 2)

Status Reports:

  1. Global campuses
  2. Online learning

Committee's Working Timetable