Strategic Planning

NYIT's institutional priorities have been set according to a long-term strategic plan, NYIT 2030: Setting Directions, Meeting Challenges, The plan begins with the mission that has guided the university since it was founded in 1955 and charts a course for the long-run. Effective planning always entails gaining focus, building on strengths, and developing exemplary programs and centers of excellence. It is in taking these steps that an institution achieves longstanding academic criteria for excellence. Our plan is no exception, and many examples of such incremental improvement are found within it. However, NYIT 2030 goes further. By setting a long-term time frame, it aims to lead by doing something different and great, and in so doing, creating the criteria, including those that do not yet exist, that will define educational excellence in the 21st century.

NYIT 2030 Version 2.0

To ensure that its strategic plan is as strong over the next ten years as it has been thus far, in 2014 NYIT's president called for a comprehensive review and updating of the plan. He charged the steering committee with designing and implementing a comprehensive, collaborative review of the plan and drafting an update, "NYIT 2030 version 2.0."

Among the questions to be considered:

  • How far has NYIT come in meeting its strategic goals? What strategies have been successful? Where could NYIT have done better and how?
  • How useful is the 2030 Scorecard? Should the metrics be expanded or changed? Would another kind of reporting be more effective?
  • How has NYIT changed over the past ten years? Higher education? The world at large? What impact, if any, should these changes have on the plan?

The process was completed and the revised plan (NYIT 2030 version 2.0) was presented to NYIT’s Academic Senate and NYIT's Board of Trustees in December 2015.