Updates - From the Office of the NYIT President
Oct 26 2012
The College Students of Tomorrow and the Ongoing Paradigm Shift in Education

NYIT President Edward Guiliano’s Oct. 24th commentary in The Huffington Post urges educators to create “open, responsible, digital environments – idea incubators…that promote and facilitate social interaction via a global classroom” for the college students of tomorrow.

Echoing comments he made at the 2012 Convocation, Guiliano notes: “As information-sharing becomes more pervasive and the world shrinks, centers of higher learning will have a critical role that no one else can fill – not government, not K-12 education, not industry nor think tanks, not even life experience.  We must become the unique idea incubators where these competencies come together so that students can fully engage and learn how to leverage new technologies, and develop new solutions, approaches, and visions.” 

As an example, he cited the NYIT School of Architecture and Design’s SodaBIB project to develop a water bottle roofing system for the developing world and emergency shelters.

Read the entire commentary here.