Applying for a Job

To work on campus as part of the federal work-study program, you must receive approval from the Office of Student Employment (OSE). To start this process, visit the Office of Student Employment at either the Old Westbury campus, Salten Hall, room 3; or Manhattan campus, 26 W 61 St, Room 211.

After you receive approval to work, you can visit our Online job listings web site, called Career Net. On campus jobs are posted under position type, Federal Work-Study (FWS)-On campus & Student Aid (SA)-On campus. To apply for a Federal Work-Study job, you must have a Federal Work-Study Award in your financial aid package. If you do not have work-study funds, you are not eligible to apply for FWS jobs. To find out if you have a work-study award, contact the Office of Financial Aid or the Office of Student Employment (OSE). If you do not have a FWS award, you can apply for a Student Aid job.

Once you find a job in Career Net that interests you, set up an interview with the contact person listed in the posting.

Prior to starting work, you must complete the Student Employment Authorization Contract, W-4, and I-9 located on the forms page:

You must also confirm that you have been approved to work by the OSE. The department supervisor does not have the authorization to allow a student to begin working regardless of start date. If you begin working prior to approval and authorization by the OSE administrator, you will not be paid for those hours.

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