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Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a form of financial aid. To receive work-study funds, you must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and indicate that you would like to be considered for work-study.

NYIT ’s Office of Financial Aid determines if you qualify for a work-study award and the amount. You earn that amount working on campus or at an off-campus non-profit

or community service agency. When you have earned all the money, you must stop working immediately. Work-study jobs run from July 1 through June 30. Contact the Office of Student Employment (OSE) to find out if you are eligible to work July through August.

Federal Work-Study - Community Service (FWS-CS)

The highest-paid student employment jobs available to NYIT students are Federal Work Study-Community Service (FWS/CS) positions, and they are excellent for building résumés and job experience. Some of the non-profit agencies our students have worked

for include the Boys & Girls Club, Visiting Nurse Services of New York, and the YMCA. See our job FWS-CS listings for current openings. FWS-CS positions are paid through the Federal Work Study program. To apply for these positions, students must have a Federal Work-Study Award in their Financial Aid package.

All FWS-CS students must attend an Internship Certificate Program Orientation II, hand in a Learning Agreement, and attend a Reflection for each semester that they are in a FWS-CS position. This requirement applies to the first two consecutive semesters the student is in the same FWS-CS position. After two consecutive semesters at one FWS-CS position the student no longer has to complete the ICP requirement if he or she returns to the same position for a third semester. If the student is in a new FWS-CS position, he/ she must attend Orientation II, hand in a Learning Agreement, and attend a Reflection for the new position. Students are encouraged to visit Career Services to find another FWS-CS position or find an internship after completing two semesters at one FWS-CS position.

How to Search for a Federal Work-Study job:

  1. Log onto NYIT’s Career Net (see instructions at the top of webpage on how to log in)
  2. Update your student profile
  3. Student Employment recommends every student should have their resume reviewed by Career Services before applying for a position. To receive your resume review from Career Services, upload your resume by using; My Account, My Documents (it will take 24-48 business hours to get feedback from a Career Counselor)
  4. To search for a Federal Work-Study job, Click on Job Search tab
  5. Under “Position Type”, select FWS-On Campus or FWS-Off Campus & click Search (as a federal work-study, you can work On Campus earning $8.50 per hour or Off Campus in community service earning $11 per hour.)
  6. Once you have selected a job that interest you, contact the supervisor that is listed and set up an interview to meet with them.
  7. Download FWS forms from the Resource Library (which can be found on the left hand side of the Career Net webpage) and bring them with you to the interview.
  8. All forms must be completed by the student, as well as signed by your supervisor.
  9. Bring all forms to Student Employment, along with the proper ID’s (see I9 for details), before you start working.

PLEASE NOTE: All forms must be approved by Student Employment and student employees will not be paid for hours worked prior to the date approved and stamped by the Office of Student Employment.****

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David G. Salten Hall, room 3
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Fax: 516.686.7508

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Phone: 212.261.1537
Fax: 212.261.1670

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