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Summer Sessions

Get a headstart on your college courses or fill in some gaps in your studies before fall semester begins.

This summer, NYIT offers accelerated courses that allow you to complete three or more credits in just a few weeks. If you are taking six or more credits, you may also be eligible to receive federal loans!

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Summer Session I

  • Four-week courses: May 24 - June 20
  • Six-week courses: May 24 - July 6

Some popular courses offered in Summer Session I include:

  • Life Sciences: BIOL 235 Microbiology; CHEM 215 Bio-Organic Chemistry
  • Mathematics: MATH 141 Precalculus; MATH 161 Basic Applied Calculus; MATH 170 Calculus I
  • Physics: PHYS 140/141 Physics for Life Sciences I; PHYS 170 General Physics I...
  • Computer Science: ETCS 108 Computer, Internet and Society; CSCI 185 Computer Programming II
  • Communication Arts: CAMP 115 Studio Production Basics; COMM 350 Seminar in Mass Communication Problems; COMM 430 E-Marketing and Branding…
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Summer Session II

  • Four-week courses: July 10 – August 4
  • Six-week courses: July 10 – August 18

Some popular courses offered in Summer Session II include:

  • Architecture: ARCH 100 Introduction to Architecture and Design
  • Fine Arts: ARTJ 100 Portfolio Development (Brand Yourself, Create Motion Basics)
  • Computer Science: CSCI 260 Data Structures; CSCI 330 Operating Systems
  • Mathematics: MATH 151 Fundamentals of Calculus; MATH 161 Basic Applied Calculus; MATH 180 Calculus II
  • Physics: PHYS 160/161 Physics for Life Sciences II; PHYS 180 General Physics II
  • Full List of Summer Courses

Summer Session III

  • Full-summer courses: May 24 – August 31

Some courses offered in Summer Session III include:

  • Life Sciences: BIOL 107 Environmental Sciences
  • Communication Arts: COMM 225 Writing for Media; COMM 330 Media Law and Ethics
  • Health Sciences: HSCI 210 Medical Terminology; HSCI 425 Health Information Management
  • Behavioral Sciences: PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology; PSYC 310 Abnormal Psychology
  • Full List of Summer Courses

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