NYITOnline Newsletter

September 1, 2011

The hurricane has certainly left its mark and I know that many of you have lost power and sustained damage to your homes.  Everyone in TBLS is available to provide help, as you get ready for the NYITonline semester.

1) Extended support hours: 9am to 8 pm between 9/7 - 9/16 (M-Fri) Call in numbers: 800  462 9041 number (faculty and students)  and 631-348-3111 (faculty only number).

2) NYITonline Faculty Meeting Sept 22, 7:30 PM-9 PM Meeting will be conducted via a webinar (details to follow).  Please send suggestions for agenda items to stan@nyit.edu.

3) We are currently doing the review of the syllabi covering the following areas:

·         Name and course numbers

·         Dates match those in DataTel

·         Office hours are specified

·         Outcomes are listed and are measurable- PLEASE NOTE THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL COURSES AT NYIT.

·         You have NYIT general policies (Incompletes, Academic Integrity etc.)

·         Grading policy for the course

We do NOT review the content or the instructional methodologies, as they are faculty related issues that should be handled within the department/school.

4) Blackboard Hot Topics Series: Blackboard Grade Book.

On September 16, from 7:00-8:30 PM , there will be a webinar on strategies on effectively setting up and utilizing the Blackboard Grade Book. To register for this webinar please use this form http://goo.gl/QGztY

5) Faculty can request that I do a formal observation of their course for SPC purposes.  Please contact me directly at stan@nyit.edu or 631 348 3317.

August 4, 2011

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer as we look forward to the start of the Fall Semester. There are a number of things to keep in mind as we enter the last few weeks before the Fall classes begin.

1. If you are currently teaching in the summer session please remember that all grades must be posted within 2 days (48 hours) from the end of the course. This will be particularly important this year as the college will be upgrading to the newest version of Blackboard (correcting many of the issues that you have brought to our attention) and as a result the system will be down for 2 days for installation and testing.

2. We have updated the TBLS sites for faculty and students. These sites provide a series of support movies to help navigate the BlackBoard System and its functions.

a.  Students – http://iris.nyit.edu/tbls/student
b.  Faculty – http://iris.nyit.edu/tbls/faculty

3. The faculty drop in support sessions will start on the week of August 15th please check the schedule for your campus.

4. Blackboard Hot Topics Series: Blackboard Grade Book. On September 16, from 7:00-8:30 PM , there will be a webinar on strategies on effectively setting up and utilizing the Blackboard Grade Book. To register for this webinar please use this form http://goo.gl/QGztY

5. When you sign into BlackBoard you will see that a course shell has been created for every course you teach in the Fall. These shells could serve a number of purposes:

a. As a fully online course offered via NYITonline (faculty need to be certified-please contact your department)
b. As an enhanced or blended course
c. As a location to post documents, syllabi and support materials for your students (we encourage all faculty to take advantage of this opportunity)
d. As an emergency system to insure continuity in the event that a campus is closed because of weather or other official emergencies. It may be useful to include the student URL into your syllabus.

6. A new system for the cloning of course material has been put into place.

a. For FULLY online courses the procedures will remain the same as in past semesters. You can enter your information into the course request database http://olcrequest.nyit.edu:591/newolc/course/
and the clones will be created for you based on the information provided.
b. For all other courses you will need to contact Service Central at 516-686-1400 for cloning support.

7. As in the past all the fully online NYITonline course syllabi will be checked to see if they conform to the standards established by Academic Affairs. No course will be available to students unless these standards are met. Should a syllabus be in question you will be notified so you can make the appropriate changes. We urge all NYITonline faculty to post as early as possible so we can provide timely feedback and support.

8. A series of online faculty meetings will be scheduled during the year utilizing webinar software for us to share issues, innovations and help provide suggestions.

July 1, 2011

There appears to be some confusion as it relates to the certification process for teaching FULLY online courses for NYIT through NYITonline (OLC). 

1. Faculty who are already certified to teach retain their certification but are encouraged to take advantage of any of the ancillary support activities that are being run by TBLS, CTLT or ACL. There is no requirement to participate in these support sessions.

2. Faculty who are required to obtain certification (you have never taught a fully online course at NYIT) will go through a simplified process to obtain the certification. This process has three steps:

A. Participate either in a full day training at OW or Manhattan or participate in the two part webinar series. 
B. Once part A is complete you can build your course and offer the course
C. You will select a peer mentor that will help you finalize the certification process.
* Faculty who are already comfortable with all the instructional capabilities of BlackBoard can contact TBLS so that we can review the competencies with you and determine if you can test out of phase one of the process.

For faculty who are teaching FULLY online courses the system for requesting cloning of courses will remain the same as in previous semesters. My office will work with you to determine the courses shells that will be cloned and will do the cloning of the courses for you. 

For blended and enhanced courses the support for cloning will be provided by Academic Computing services. 
Please note that we will be upgrading BlackBoard at the end of the summer semester and expect BlackBoard to be unavailable for up to one day. The earlier you are able to request that your courses be cloned (for fully online courses) or request support from Academic Computing Services the better.