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Stephen Orlins Discussion featuring Admiral Samuel Locklear

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations President Stephen Orlins moderates a discussion about security in the Asia-Pacific featuring Keynote Speaker Admiral Samuel Locklear, U.S. Pacific Command. Watch the introduction and discussion.

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College of Arts and Sciences - News
Nov 24 2015
Lumen Prize Exhibition at NYIT AOB
The Fine Arts Department and the College of Arts and Sciences is proud to present the Lumen Prize's third US exhibition to be held in NYIT’s AOB (Auditorium on Broadway) from December 8-10, 2015.  Artworks will be displayed on iPads, screens, projectors in the gallery, as well as hung as digital prints.  Panel discussions, presentations, and social events bring together internationally acclaimed artists, art historians, and students, and stimulated critical dialog about art and technology.
For more information: 
Lumen Prize Events at NYIT
Exhibition, December 8– 10, 2015
NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, 1871 Broadway (at 62nd St), New York, NY 10023
Exhibition Hours:11am-5pm
Reception, Thu, Dec 10, 6-9pm
6-7pm, Tour the exhibition, Refreshments
7-8:30pm, Panel Presentation
Sponsored by NYIT College of Arts and Sciences’ Fine Arts Department
Lumen Digital Art Seminar
Wed, Dec 9, 6pm - 8pm
Nov 16 2015
John Hanc Publishes Stories
John Hanc, associate professor, communication arts, NYIT-OW, recently published two stories in the Giving section of of the New York Times (dealing with trends in philanthropy, volunteerism, etc.). One is about the impact of the LGBT audience in fundraising, and includes a powerful case study from the Girl Scouts. The other, about the magnificent but overlooked National World War I Memorial and Museum in Kansas City, is a story of crowd funding, 1920s-style. 
Hanc also published an inspiring Newsday cover story about the first African American physician in the Long Island suburbs, whose son (afflicted with cerebral palsy) also became a physician. 
Nov 12 2015
“Arresting” Posters By NYIT Students Sweep Police Awards
Photo Credit: Paulo Tonn
From left, first place winner in the NYPD sexual assault awareness poster contest Lucas Rossi, NYIT College of Arts and Sciences Dean James Simon, and second place winner Maguelone Dunoyer.
NYIT student, Lucas Rossi, studying on a one-year exchange program from Brazil, said he was honored his poster, chosen out of nearly 100 submissions, would be featured in a NYPD campaign to raise awareness of on-campus sexual assault. Fourteen colleges from all the boroughs except Staten Island submitted art. Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker and president of the New York City Police Foundation Susan Birnbaum presented the winning poster and the first two runners up at an event at police headquarters on November 9, 2015. 
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Zack Ortmann
Zack Ortmann Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Criminal Justice
Class Of: 2016
Jaishel Linch Bennett
Jaishel Linch Bennett Campus: Manhattan
Major: Behavioral Science, B.S., concentration in social work
Class Of: 2015
Matt Santamaria
Matt Santamaria Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Communication Arts
Class Of: 2017