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Jim Simon

The College of Arts and Sciences offers some of the most popular academic majors at NYIT, from Life Sciences to Communication Arts and Fine Arts. We give you a place to discover and pursue your passion, and we work hard to give you a well-rounded education through our Discovery Core general education classes.

Our graduates say they love the way NYIT's College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) educates and trains them broadly, so they can pivot from one field to another as jobs and careers change. National studies show you will change careers—not jobs, but actual career paths—four times on average in your life. The broader CAS approach, combined with internships, career mentoring, and one-to-one work with professors, makes it easier for our graduates to grow in their careers, stay nimble, and move to new jobs—some of which may not even exist right now.

Our approach … makes it easy for our graduates to grow in their careers, stay nimble, and move to new jobs.

Jim Simon, Ph.D.

I should know. I have been in college teaching and administration for 20 years. But this is my fourth career, after stints as a journalist, editor, and top state government official. The broad, liberal arts education I received allowed me to discover new interests. And it will serve you well, too.

Jim Simon, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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